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The Window.self read-only property returns the window itself, as a WindowProxy. It can be used with dot notation on a window object (that is, window.self) or standalone (self). The advantage of the standalone notation is that a similar notation exists for non-window contexts, such as in Web Workers. By using self, you can refer to the global scope in a way that will work not only in a window context (self will resolve to window.self) but also in a worker context (self will then resolve to WorkerGlobalScope.self).


var w = window.self;  // w === window


Использованный ниже window.self мог быть заменен на window.

if (window.parent.frames[0] != window.self) {
    // этот window не является первым frame в списке

Furthermore, when executing in the active document of a browsing context, window is a reference to the current global object and thus all of the following are equivalent:

var w1 = window;
var w2 = self;
var w3 = window.window;
var w4 = window.self;
// Переменные w1, w2, w3, w4 строго равны между собой, но только w2 будет работать в worker


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
Определение 'Window.self' в этой спецификации.
Живой стандарт No difference from the latest snapshot HTML 5.1
HTML 5.1
Определение 'Window.self' в этой спецификации.
Рекомендация No difference from the HTML5
Определение 'Window.self' в этой спецификации.
Рекомендация First snapshot containing the definition of Window.self.

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