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Plugin Roadmap for Firefox

Plugins are a security and performance problem for Firefox users. NPAPI plugins are a legacy technology, and Mozilla has been moving toward a Web which doesn't need plugins.  In order not to harm users or the web ecosystem, changes are rolled out incrementally and carefully. Below is the roadmap of past and future support for plugins in Firefox.


  Adobe Flash Plugin Other Plugins Notes
June 2016 Allowed Click-to-activate Starting with Firefox 47 in June 2016, users choose which sites are allowed to activate each plugin. In addition, the Firefox for 64-bit Windows only supports the Flash plugin.
March 2017 Allowed Unavailable

Starting with Firefox 52 in March 2017, plugins other than Flash are no longer supported in Firefox. Firefox Extended Support Release 52 will continue to support non-Flash plugins until early 2018.

August 2017 (planned) Click-to-activate with domain blocking Unavailable Starting with Firefox 55 in August 2017, users must choose which sites are allowed to activate the Flash plugin. In order to improve security and performance, Mozilla will maintain a list of sites which cannot use any plugins. This plan is subject to change based on the results of user studies currently in progress.

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