Element: getAttributeNodeNS() method

The getAttributeNodeNS() method of the Element interface returns the namespaced Attr node of an element.

This method is useful if you need the namespaced attribute's instance properties. If you only need the namespaced attribute's value, you can use the getAttributeNS() method instead.

If you need the Attr node of an element in HTML documents and the attribute is not namespaced, use the getAttributeNode() method instead.


getAttributeNodeNS(namespace, nodeName)


  • namespace is a string specifying the namespace of the attribute.
  • nodeName is a string specifying the name of the attribute.

Return value

The node for specified attribute.


getAttributeNodeNS is more specific than getAttributeNode in that it allows you to specify attributes that are part of a particular namespace. The corresponding setter method is setAttributeNodeNS.


DOM Standard
# dom-element-getattributenodens

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