Element: ariaHasPopup property

Baseline 2023

Newly available

Since October 2023, this feature works across the latest devices and browser versions. This feature might not work in older devices or browsers.

The ariaHasPopup property of the Element interface reflects the value of the aria-haspopup attribute, which indicates the availability and type of interactive popup element, such as menu or dialog, that can be triggered by an element.


A string with one of the following values:


The element does not have a popup.


The element has a popup that is a menu.

The element has a popup that is a menu.


The element has a popup that is a listbox.


The element has a popup that is a tree.


The element has a popup that is a grid.


The element has a popup that is a dialog.

Warning: Be aware that support for the different aria-haspopup values can vary depending on the element to which the attribute is specified. Ensure that when using aria-haspopup, it is done in accordance to the ARIA specification, and that it behaves as expected when testing with necessary browsers and assistive technologies.


In this example, the aria-haspopup attribute on the element with an ID of animal is set to "true". Using ariaHasPopup, we update the value to "listbox", which is the expected value for a combobox that invokes a listbox popup.

<div class="animals-combobox">
  <label for="animal">Animal</label>
    aria-haspopup="true" />
  <ul id="animals-listbox" role="listbox" aria-label="Animals">
    <li id="animal-cat" role="option">Cat</li>
    <li id="animal-dog" role="option">Dog</li>
let el = document.getElementById("animal");
console.log(el.ariaHasPopup); // true
el.ariaHasPopup = "listbox";
console.log(el.ariaHasPopup); // listbox


Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
# dom-ariamixin-ariahaspopup

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