The ariaLevel property of the Element interface reflects the value of the aria-level attribute, which defines the hierarchical level of an element within a structure.

Note: Where possible use an HTML h1 or other correct heading level as these have built in semantics and do not require ARIA attributes.


A string containing an integer.


In this example the aria-level attribute on the element with an ID of main-heading is set to "1". Using ariaLevel we update the value to "2".

<div role="heading" id="main-heading" aria-level="1">
  This is a main page heading
let el = document.getElementById("main-heading");
console.log(el.ariaLevel); // "1"
el.ariaLevel = "2";
console.log(el.ariaLevel); // "2"


Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
# dom-ariamixin-arialevel

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