Element: previousElementSibling property

The Element.previousElementSibling read-only property returns the Element immediately prior to the specified one in its parent's children list, or null if the specified element is the first one in the list.


An Element object, or null.


<div id="div-01">Here is div-01</div>
<div id="div-02">Here is div-02</div>
<li>This is a list item</li>
<li>This is another list item</li>
<div id="div-03">Here is div-03</div>

  let el = document.getElementById("div-03").previousElementSibling;
  document.write("<p>Siblings of div-03</p><ol>");
  while (el) {
    document.write("<li>" + el.nodeName + "</li>");
    el = el.previousElementSibling;

This example outputs the following into the page when it loads:

Siblings of div-03

   1. LI
   2. LI
   3. DIV
   4. DIV


DOM Standard
# ref-for-dom-nondocumenttypechildnode-previouselementsibling②

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