Element: fullscreenchange event

The fullscreenchange event is fired immediately after an Element switches into or out of full-screen mode.

Bubbles Yes
Cancelable No
Interface Event
Event handler property onfullscreenchange

This event is sent to the Element which is transitioning into or out of full-screen mode.


In this example, a handler for the fullscreenchange event is added to the element whose ID is fullscreen-div.

If the user clicks on the "Toggle Fullscreen Mode" button, the click handler will toggle full-screen mode for the div. If document.fullscreenElement has a value it will exit full-screen mode. If not, the div will be placed into full-screen mode.

Remember that by the time the fullscreenchange event is handled, the status of the element has already changed. So if the change is to full-screen mode, document.fullscreenElement will point to the element that is now in full-screen mode. On the other hand, if document.fullscreenElement is null, full-screen mode has been canceled.

What that means to the example code is that, if an element is currently in full-screen mode, the fullscreenchange handler logs the id of the full-screen element to the console. If document.fullscreenElement is null, the code logs a message that the change is to leave full-screen mode.


 <h1>fullscreenchange event example</h1>
 <div id="fullscreen-div">
   <button id="toggle-fullscreen">Toggle Fullscreen Mode</button>


document.getElementById('fullscreen-div').addEventListener('fullscreenchange', (event) => {
  // document.fullscreenElement will point to the element that
  // is in fullscreen mode if there is one. If not, the value
  // of the property is null.
  if (document.fullscreenElement) {
    console.log(`Element: ${document.fullscreenElement.id} entered fullscreen mode.`);
  } else {
    console.log('Leaving full-screen mode.');

document.getElementById('toggle-fullscreen').addEventListener('click', (event) => {
  if (document.fullscreenElement) {
    // exitFullscreen is only available on the Document object.
  } else {


Fullscreen API Standard (Fullscreen API)
# handler-document-onfullscreenchange

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