Element: ariaLive property

The ariaLive property of the Element interface reflects the value of the aria-live attribute, which indicates that an element will be updated, and describes the types of updates the user agents, assistive technologies, and user can expect from the live region.


A string with one of the following values:


Indicates that updates to the region have the highest priority and should be presented the user immediately.


Indicates that updates to the region should not be presented to the user unless the user is currently focused on that region.


Indicates that updates to the region should be presented at the next graceful opportunity, such as at the end of speaking the current sentence or when the user pauses typing.


In this example the aria-live attribute on the element with an ID of planetInfo is set to "polite". We then update the value to "assertive".

<div role="region" id="planetInfo" aria-live="polite">
  <h2 id="planetTitle">No planet selected</h2>
  <p id="planetDescription">Select a planet to view its description</p>
let el = document.getElementById("planetInfo");
console.log(el.ariaLive); // "polite"
el.ariaLive = "assertive";
console.log(el.ariaLive); // assertive


Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)
# dom-ariamixin-arialive

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