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Plugins (of plug-ins) zijn kleine stukjes software die integreren met de browser om die te voorzien van meestal zeer specifieke functies. Typische voorbeelden zijn plugins die een specifiek grafisch formaat weergeven of die multimedia bestanden kunnen afspelen. Plugins verschillen licht van extensies, die bestaande functionaliteit verbeteren of aanvullen.


Gecko Plugin API Reference
This reference describes the application programming interfaces for Gecko plugins and provides information about how to use these interfaces.
Using XPInstall to Install Plugins
XPInstall is a way to ensure a smooth user-experience when obtaining plugins without making the user exit the browsing environment to launch a separate installer.
Detecting Plugins
"Since there are clearly times when it makes sense to use a plug-in, the question arises of how to deal with those who don’t have the required plug-in installed."
Scripting Plugins: Macromedia Flash
This article explains how JavaScript can be used to access methods from within the Flash plugin, as well as how a feature called FSCommands can be used to access JavaScript functions from within the Flash animation.


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