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Abstraction in computer programming is a way to reduce complexity and allow efficient design and implementation in complex software systems. It hides the technical complexity of systems behind simpler APIs.

Advantages of Data Abstraction

  • Helps the user to avoid writing low level code.
  • Avoids code duplication and increases reusability.
  • Can change internal implementation of class independently without affecting the user.
  • Helps to increase security of an application or program as only important details are provided to the user.


class ImplementAbstraction {
  // method to set values of internal members
  set(x, y) {
    this.a = x;
    this.b = y;

  display() {
    console.log('a = ' + this.a);
    console.log('b = ' + this.b);

const obj = new ImplementAbstraction();
obj.set(10, 20);
// a = 10
// b = 20

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