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    Full page zoom

    Full page zoom (or just fullZoom) is a new feature in Firefox 3.

    Example (XUL:browser)

    The following example demonstrates the use for the current focused browser window. This is the typical usage for a Firefox extension.

    var zoom = 1.5;
    var docViewer = gBrowser.selectedBrowser.markupDocumentViewer;
    docViewer.fullZoom = zoom;

    Example (XUL:iframe)

    You may use the fullZoom feature for a XUL:iframe as well. However, because an iframe doesn't have a markupDocumentViewer property, we need to get that first:

    var zoom = 1.5;
    var iframe = document.getElementById("authorFrame");
    var contViewer = iframe.docShell.contentViewer;
    var docViewer = contViewer.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIMarkupDocumentViewer);
    docViewer.fullZoom = zoom;


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