Firefox 67 for developers

This article provides information about the changes in Firefox 67 that will affect developers. Firefox 67 was released on May 21, 2019.

Changes for web developers

Developer tools

  • Debugger updates:
    • Column breakpoints allow you to select the specific point (or column) in a line of code where you want the debugger to break (Firefox bug 1528417).
    • Log points allow you to log specific information to the console during code execution without pausing execution and without the need to change the code.
    • The map scopes feature allows you to view the variables from the original source.
    • You can debug worker threads directly in the debugger.
  • Web Console updates:
    • Navigate details in the console using the keyboard (Firefox bug 1424159).
    • Cmd + K will now clear the console of its contents on macOS (Firefox bug 1532939).
    • When the user clears the console, the error messages cache is cleared as well (Firefox bug 717611).
    • The user can import existing modules into the current page using import (Firefox bug 1517546).
    • A new context menu item allows the user to use the Copy Link Location command (Firefox bug 1457111).
    • Clicking a link in the Console causes the same behavior that it would in a content window (Firefox bug 1466040).
    • Clicking the source link for a code file in the Console panel navigates to the Debugger if debugger knows the file (Firefox bug 1447244).
    • When the user has filtered the contents of the console, an icon will be added to the filter text box to clear the filter (Firefox bug 1525821).
  • Network Monitor enhancements:



  • <input> elements with autocomplete="new-password" set on them will no longer have previously saved passwords auto-filled (Firefox bug 1119063).



  • Use of the proprietary -moz-binding property is now restricted to chrome and UA-stylesheets (Firefox bug 1523712).


No changes.




DOM events

Workers/Service workers

Media, Web Audio, and WebRTC

Canvas and WebGL



WebDriver conformance (Marionette)

API changes

Bug fixes

  • WebDriver:NewWindow will no longer timeout because inconsistencies across platforms regarding the focus event (Firefox bug 1523234).


  • Both WebDriver:ExecuteScript and WebDriver:ExecuteAsyncScript now use Promises internally (Firefox bug 1398095).
  • WebDriver:NewSession returns Firefox's BuildID string as part of the capabilities object (Firefox bug 1525829).

Changes for add-on developers

API changes

  • Using the proxy.settings.set() method to change BrowserSetting values will throw an exception unless the extension was granted private window access by the user (Firefox bug 1525447).

Manifest changes

  • A new manifest key, incognito, defines the behavior of an extension in private browsing windows or tabs (Firefox bug 1511636).
  • The toolbar_field_highlight setting controls the background color used to indicate the current selection of text in the URL bar (Firefox bug 1450114).
  • The toolbar_field_highlight_text setting controls the text color used to indicate the current selection of text in the URL bar (Firefox bug 1450114).

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