Firefox 76 for developers

This article provides information about the changes in Firefox 76 that will affect developers. Firefox 76 was released on May 5, 2020.

See also the accompanying hacks post — Firefox 76: Audio worklets and other tricks.

Changes for web developers

Developer tools


Network monitor

  • In the network request list, you can now double-click a column divider to resize the column to the left of it to fit its contents (Firefox bug 1615102).
  • The network request Copy > Copy as cURL context menu option has a new option available, --globoff, which suppresses cURL's globbing (wildcard matching) feature if the copied URL includes square bracket characters (Firefox bug 1549773).
  • The Messages tab of the details pane for web socket requests has a new filter — Control — for showing control frames, and the filters are now grouped together into a selection list (Firefox bug 1566780).

Web console

  • In multi-line mode, code snippets longer than five lines are abbreviated to five lines, preceded by a disclosure triangle (or "twisty"), and followed by an ellipsis (…). You can click anywhere in this area to show the code, and click again in that area to collapse it (Firefox bug 1578212).
  • DOM element references outputted into the console now have a "Reveal in inspector" context menu option, which shows the element in the HTML pane of the Page inspector (Firefox bug 1612276).

Remote debugging

  • Because of differences in DevTools versions, it is not possible to debug releases of Firefox for Android that are based on version 68, from desktop Firefox versions 69 or later. When attempting to do this, the Firefox desktop browser will now show a message informing the user of this problem, and offering possible next steps (Firefox bug 1625906). See Connection to Firefox for Android 68 for more information.


  • The <input> element's min and max attributes now work correctly when the value of min is greater than the value of max for control types whose values are periodic (that is, values that wrap around at some point). This is particularly helpful, for example, with date and time inputs, where you might want to specify a time range of 11 PM to 2 AM (Firefox bug 1608010).



No changes.



New APIs




No changes.


No changes.

WebDriver conformance (Marionette)

  • Firefox no longer reports false for navigator.webdriver when used for automation / testing via geckodriver (Firefox bug 1632556).

Changes for add-on developers

No changes.

Older versions