Firefox 25 for developers

Changes for Web developers

New in Firefox DevTools

  • The inspector now features autocompletion for CSS names and values.
  • The debugger now lets you "black box" script files, to prevent breakpoints from stopping in library code you're not interested in debugging.
  • The Profiler now has the ability to save and import profiling results. "Show Gecko Platform Data" is now an option in the Firefox developer tools options.
  • The Network panel has a right-click context menu, with copy and resend URL commands.
  • Numerous under-the-hood changes may make some rewriting necessary for addons that modify the DevTools.



  • The srcdoc attribute of <iframe>, allowing the inline specification of the content of an <iframe>, is now supported (Firefox bug 802895).
  • When used with a "image/jpeg" type, the method HTMLCanvasElement.toBlob now accepts a third attribute defining the quality of the image (Firefox bug 891884).


ECMAScript 2015 implementation continues!



No change.


No change.

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