Firefox 116 for developers

This article provides information about the changes in Firefox 116 that affect developers. Firefox 116 was released on August 01, 2023.

Changes for web developers


  • The dirname attribute is now supported on input and textarea elements. This attribute allows for passing text directionality information (ltr or rtl) to the server during form submission (Firefox bug 675943).


  • The syntax has been updated for the offset-path property, which is used to define the path for an element to follow. The updated syntax allows you to set a value of none or one of <offset-path> or <coord-box>. The new <offset-path> value can be a <ray()>, a <url>, or a <basic-shape>. The <coord-box> value has replaced the older <geometry-box> value and lets you specify the shape of the path based on the element's box model. The <basic-shape> and <coord-box> values require the layout.css.motion-path-basic-shapes.enabled and layout.css.motion-path-coord-box.enabled preferences to be enabled, respectively. (Firefox bug 1598156) and (Firefox bug 1837305).

Accessibility (ARIA)

  • The image role is now supported as a synonym for img. This maintains consistency with most role names which are complete words or concatenations of complete words (Firefox bug 1829269).






Media, WebRTC, and Web Audio

WebDriver conformance (WebDriver BiDi, Marionette)

WebDriver BiDi

  • Added support for the session.end command that allows users to terminate the automation session. This was previously only possible for sessions using both WebDriver Classic and WebDriver BiDi. It is now possible also for WebDriver BiDi-only sessions (Firefox bug 1829337).
  • Added support for capability matching for the command. It allows to define expectations about the target browser, such as browser name, platform name, etc. It can also be used to configure the session, for example, to specify if insecure certificates should be accepted (Firefox bug 1731730).
  • Shadow roots are now correctly serialized when they are the root of a returned value (Firefox bug 1836514).
  • The network event time origin information was renamed from originTime to timeOrigin (Firefox bug 1836926).
  • The network event network.responseCompleted is now correctly emitted for navigation requests involving a redirect (Firefox bug 1838238).


  • Removed support for the moz:useNonSpecCompliantPointerOrigin capability. Users who still need this feature can still use the Firefox 115 ESR release as long as it is supported. Please file bugs under Remote Protocol :: Marionette if you're seeing any issue (Firefox bug 1490258).
  • A regression was fixed that prevented us from differentiating stale elements (DOM elements that have been seen before on the page) from unknown elements for a given browsing context (Firefox bug 1822466).
  • Creating a new session should now properly wait for the initial context to be loaded (Firefox bug 1838381).

Changes for add-on developers

Developer Tools

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