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The itemid global attribute is the unique, global identifier of an item. itemid attributes can only be specified on elements that have both itemscope and itemtype attributes. Also, the itemid can only be specified on elements with an itemscope attribute whose corresponding itemtype refers to or defines a vocabulary that supports global identifiers.

An itemtype's vocabulary will give the exact meaning of a global identifier defined within the vocabulary. The vocabulary will define whether several items with the same global identifier can co-exist and, if they are allowed, how items with the same identifier are handled.

Note: The definition of an itemid says that it must be a URL. This does not seem to be the case as the example below shows. Rather the defacto definition is that an itemid is a unique identifier, so a URN is appropriate. This inconsistency no doubt reflects the incomplete nature of the Microdata specification.



<dl itemscope
<dt>Title <dd itemprop="title">The Reality Dysfunction
<dt>Author <dd itemprop="author">Peter F. Hamilton
<dt>Publication date
<dd><time itemprop="pubdate" datetime="1996-01-26">26 January 1996</time> </dl>

Structured data

itemscope itemtype: itemid urn:isbn:0-330-34032-8
itemprop title The Reality Dysfunction
itemprop author
Peter F. Hamilton
itemprop pubdate 1996-01-26



Specification Status Comment
itemid   WG Note - No longer being actively developed

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