Baseline Widely available

This feature is well established and works across many devices and browser versions. It’s been available across browsers since July 2015.

The autofocus global attribute is a Boolean attribute indicating that an element should be focused on page load, or when the <dialog> that it is part of is displayed.

<input name="q" autofocus />

No more than one element in the document or dialog may have the autofocus attribute. If applied to multiple elements the first one will receive focus.

Note: The autofocus attribute applies to all elements, not just form controls. For example, it might be used on a contenteditable area.

Accessibility concerns

Automatically focusing a form control can confuse visually-impaired people using screen-reading technology and people with cognitive impairments. When autofocus is assigned, screen-readers "teleport" their user to the form control without warning them beforehand.

Use careful consideration for accessibility when applying the autofocus attribute. Automatically focusing on a control can cause the page to scroll on load. The focus can also cause dynamic keyboards to display on some touch devices. While a screen reader will announce the label of the form control receiving focus, the screen reader will not announce anything before the label, and the sighted user on a small device will equally miss the context created by the preceding content.


HTML Standard
# dom-fe-autofocus

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