HTML attribute: elementtiming

The elementtiming attribute is used to indicate that an element is flagged for tracking by the Element Timing API. This attribute may be applied to <img>, <image> elements inside an <svg>, poster images of <video> elements, elements which have a background-image, and elements containing text nodes, such as a <p>.


The value given for elementtiming becomes an identifier for the observed element.

<img alt="alt" src="img.jpg" elementtiming="label for element">

Good contenders for elements you might want to observe are:

  • The main image for an article.
  • A blog post title
  • Images in a carousel for a shopping site.
  • The poster image for the main video on a page.


<img alt="Alt for a main blog post image" src="my-massive-image.jpg" elementtiming="Main image">

<p elementtiming="important-text">Some very important information.</p">


Specification Status Comment
Element Timing
The definition of 'for as used with label' in that specification.
Editor's Draft

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