Window: vrdisplayblur event

The vrdisplayblur event of the WebVR API is fired when presentation to a VR display has been paused for some reason by the browser, OS, or VR hardware — for example, while the user is interacting with a system menu or browser, to prevent tracking or loss of experience.

Bubbles No
Cancelable No
Interface VRDisplayEvent
Event handler property onvrdisplayblur


You can use the vrdisplayblur event in an addEventListener method:

window.addEventListener('vrdisplayblur', function() {
  info.textContent = 'Display unfocused.';

Or use the onvrdisplayblur event handler property:

window.onvrdisplayblur = function() {
  info.textContent = 'Display unfocused.';


Specification Status Comment
WebVR 1.1
The definition of 'vrdisplayblur' in that specification.
Draft Initial definition

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