The Gamepad interface of the Gamepad API defines an individual gamepad or other controller, allowing access to information such as button presses, axis positions, and id.

A Gamepad object can be returned in one of two ways: via the gamepad property of the gamepadconnected and gamepaddisconnected events, or by grabbing any position in the array returned by the Navigator.getGamepads() method.


Gamepad.axes Read only
An array representing the controls with axes present on the device (e.g. analog thumb sticks).
Gamepad.buttons Read only
An array of gamepadButton objects representing the buttons present on the device.
Gamepad.connected Read only
A boolean indicating whether the gamepad is still connected to the system.
Gamepad.displayId Read only
Returns the VRDisplay.displayId of an associated VRDisplay (if relevant) — the VRDisplay that the gamepad is controlling the displayed scene of. Read only
A DOMString containing identifying information about the controller.
Gamepad.index Read only
An integer that is auto-incremented to be unique for each device currently connected to the system.
Gamepad.mapping Read only
A string indicating whether the browser has remapped the controls on the device to a known layout.
Gamepad.timestamp Read only
A DOMHighResTimeStamp representing the last time the data for this gamepad was updated.

Experimental extensions to Gamepad

The following interfaces are defined in the Gamepad Extensions specification, and provide access to experimental features like haptic feedback and WebVR controller pose information.

Gamepad.hand Read only
An enum defining what hand the controller is being held in, or is most likely to be held in.
Gamepad.hapticActuators Read only
An array containing GamepadHapticActuator objects, each of which represents haptic feedback hardware available on the controller.
Gamepad.pose Read only
A GamepadPose object representing the pose information associated with a WebVR controller (e.g. its position and orientation in 3D space).


window.addEventListener("gamepadconnected", function(e) {
  console.log("Gamepad connected at index %d: %s. %d buttons, %d axes.",
  e.gamepad.buttons.length, e.gamepad.axes.length);


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'Gamepad' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition
WebVR 1.1
The definition of 'displayId' in that specification.
Draft Defines the Gamepad.displayId property.
Gamepad Extensions
The definition of 'Gamepad extensions' in that specification.
Editor's Draft Defines the Experimental extensions to Gamepad

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