The property of the Gamepad interface returns a string containing some information about the controller.

The exact syntax is not strictly specified, but in Firefox it will contain three pieces of information separated by dashes (-):

  • Two 4-digit hexadecimal strings containing the USB vendor and product id of the controller
  • The name of the controller as provided by the driver.

For example, a PS2 controller returned 810-3-USB Gamepad.

This information is intended to allow you to find a mapping for the controls on the device as well as display useful feedback to the user.


readonly    attribute DOMString           id;


window.addEventListener("gamepadconnected", function() {
  var gp = navigator.getGamepads()[0];
  gamepadInfo.innerHTML = "Gamepad connected at index " + gp.index + ": " + + ".";


A string.


Specification Status Comment
The definition of '' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition

Browser compatibility

FeatureChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafari
Basic Support


21 — 34 webkit



24 — 281



15 — 21 webkit

FeatureAndroidChrome for AndroidEdge mobileFirefox for AndroidIE mobileOpera AndroidiOS Safari
Basic Support No (Yes) (Yes)32 No No No

1. From version 24 until version 28 (exclusive): this feature is behind the dom.gamepad.enabled preference (needs to be set to true). To change preferences in Firefox, visit about:config.

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