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The Gamepad.axes property of the Gamepad interface returns an array representing the controls with axes present on the device (e.g. analog thumb sticks).-

Each entry in the array is a floating point value in the range -1.0 – 1.0, representing the axis position from the lowest value (-1.0) to the highest value (1.0).


readonly    attribute double[]            axes;


function gameLoop() {
  if(navigator.webkitGetGamepads) {
    var gp = navigator.webkitGetGamepads()[0];
  } else {
    var gp = navigator.getGamepads()[0];

  if(gp.axes[0] != 0) {
    b -= gp.axes[0];
  } else if(gp.axes[1] != 0) {
    a += gp.axes[1];
  } else if(gp.axes[2] != 0) {
    b += gp.axes[2];
  } else if(gp.axes[3] != 0) {
    a -= gp.axes[3];
  } = a*2 + "px"; = b*2 + "px";

  var start = rAF(gameLoop);


An array of double values.


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'Gamepad.axes' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Edge Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
General support 21.0 webkit
(Yes) 29.0 (29.0) No support 15.0 webkit
No support
Feature Android Edge Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
General support No support (Yes) 32.0 (32.0) No support No support No support

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