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The GamepadHapticActuator interface of the Gamepad API represents hardware in the controller designed to provide haptic feedback to the user (if available), most commonly vibration hardware.

This interface is accessible through the Gamepad.hapticActuators property.

Instance properties

GamepadHapticActuator.type Read only

Returns an enum representing the type of the haptic hardware.

Instance methods

GamepadHapticActuator.pulse() Read only

Makes the hardware pulse at a certain intensity for a specified duration.

GamepadHapticActuator.playEffect() Read only

Makes the hardware play a specific vibration pattern.


const gamepad = navigator.getGamepads()[0];

gamepad.hapticActuators[0].pulse(1.0, 200);

gamepad.vibrationActuator.playEffect("dual-rumble", {
  startDelay: 0,
  duration: 200,
  weakMagnitude: 1.0,
  strongMagnitude: 1.0,


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