HTMLElement: pointerdown event

The pointerdown event is fired when a pointer becomes active. For mouse, it is fired when the device transitions from no buttons pressed to at least one button pressed. For touch, it is fired when physical contact is made with the digitizer. For pen, it is fired when the stylus makes physical contact with the digitizer.

Note: For touchscreen browsers that allow direct manipulation, a pointerdown event triggers implicit pointer capture, which causes the target to capture all subsequent pointer events as if they were occurring over the capturing target. Accordingly, pointerover, pointerenter, pointerleave, and pointerout will not fire as long as this capture is set. The capture can be released manually by calling element.releasePointerCapture on the target element, or it will be implicitly released after a pointerup or pointercancel event.

Bubbles Yes
Cancelable Yes
Interface PointerEvent
Event handler property onpointerdown


Using addEventListener():

const para = document.querySelector('p');

para.addEventListener('pointerdown', (event) => {
  console.log('Pointer down event');

Using the onpointerdown event handler property:

const para = document.querySelector('p');

para.onpointerdown = (event) => {
  console.log('Pointer down event');


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