The UIEvent interface represents simple user interface events.

UIEvent derives from Event. Although the UIEvent.initUIEvent() method is kept for backward compatibility, you should create a UIEvent object using the UIEvent() constructor.

Several interfaces are direct or indirect descendants of this one: MouseEvent, TouchEvent, FocusEvent, KeyboardEvent, WheelEvent, InputEvent, and CompositionEvent.

Event UIEvent



Creates a UIEvent object.

Instance properties

This interface also inherits properties of its parent, Event.

UIEvent.detail Read only

Returns a long with details about the event, depending on the event type.

UIEvent.sourceCapabilities Experimental Read only

Returns an instance of the InputDeviceCapabilities interface, which provides information about the physical device responsible for generating a touch event.

UIEvent.view Read only

Returns a WindowProxy that contains the view that generated the event.

UIEvent.which Deprecated Read only

Returns the numeric keyCode of the key pressed, or the character code (charCode) for an alphanumeric key pressed.

Instance methods

This interface also inherits methods of its parent, Event.

UIEvent.initUIEvent() Deprecated

Initializes a UIEvent object. If the event has already been dispatched, this method does nothing.


UI Events
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