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    Introduced in HTML5


    The HTML <figcaption> Element represents a caption or a legend associated with a figure or an illustration described by the rest of the data of the <figure> element which is its immediate ancestor which means <figcaption> can be the first or last element inside a <figure> block. Also, the HTML Figcaption Element is optional; if not provided, then the parent figure element will have no caption.

    • Content categories None.
    • Permitted content Flow content.
    • Tag omission None, both the starting and ending tag are mandatory.
    • Permitted parent elements A <figure> element; the <figcaption> element must be its first or last child.
    • DOM interface HTMLElement


    This element only includes the global attributes.


    Please see the <figure> page for examples on <figcaption>.


    Specification Status Comment
    WHATWG HTML Living Standard Living Standard  
    HTML5 Candidate Recommendation  

    Browser compatibility

    Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
    Basic support 8 4.0 (2.0) 9.0 11.10 5.1
    Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
    Basic support 3.0 4.0 (2.0) 9.0 11.0 5.1 (iOS 5.0)

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