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    Enables the style sheets matching the specified name in the current style sheet set, and disables all other style sheets (except those without a title, which are always enabled).




    The name of the style sheets to enable. All style sheets with a title that match this name will be enabled, while all others that have a title will be disabled. Specify an empty string for the name parameter to disable all alternate and preferred style sheets (but not the persistent style sheets; that is, those with no title attribute).


    • Title matches are case-sensitive.
    • Calling this method with a null name has no effect; if you want to disable all alternate and preferred style sheets, you must pass "", the empty string.
    • Stylesheets that don't have a title are never affected by this method.
    • This method never affects the values of document.lastStyleSheetSet or document.preferredStyleSheetSet.


    document.enableStyleSheetsForSet("Some style sheet set name");

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    Note: This sample will help you understand the different behaviors of enableStyleSheetsForSet() and setting document.selectedStyleSheetSet directly.


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