Document: pictureInPictureEnabled property

The read-only pictureInPictureEnabled property of the Document interface indicates whether or not picture-in-picture mode is available.

Picture-in-Picture mode is available by default unless specified otherwise by a Permissions-Policy.

Although this property is read-only, it will not throw if it is modified (even in strict mode); the setter is a no-operation and will be ignored.


A boolean value, which is true if a video can enter picture-in-picture and be displayed in a floating window by calling HTMLVideoElement.requestPictureInPicture(). If picture-in-picture mode isn't available, this value is false.


In this example, before attempting to enter picture-in-picture mode for a <video> element the value of pictureInPictureEnabled is checked, to avoid making the call if the feature is not available.

function requestPictureInPicture() {
  if (document.pictureInPictureEnabled) {
  } else {
    console.log("Your browser cannot use picture-in-picture right now");


# ref-for-dom-document-pictureinpictureenabled

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