Document: hasFocus() method

The hasFocus() method of the Document interface returns a boolean value indicating whether the document or any element inside the document has focus. This method can be used to determine whether the active element in a document has focus.

Note: When viewing a document, an element with focus is always the active element in the document, but an active element does not necessarily have focus. For example, an active element within a popup window that is not the foreground doesn't have focus.





Return value

false if the active element in the document has no focus; true if the active element in the document has focus.


The following example checks whether the document has focus or not. A function called checkPageFocus() updates a paragraph element depending on the result of document.hasFocus(). Opening a new window will cause the document to lose focus and switching back to the original window will cause the document to regain focus.


<p id="log">Focus check results are shown here.</p>
<button id="newWindow">Open new window</button>


const body = document.querySelector("body");
const log = document.getElementById("log");

function checkDocumentFocus() {
  if (document.hasFocus()) {
    log.textContent = "This document has focus."; = "white";
  } else {
    log.textContent = "This document does not have focus."; = "gray";

function openWindow() {

document.getElementById("newWindow").addEventListener("click", openWindow);
setInterval(checkDocumentFocus, 300);



HTML Standard
# dom-document-hasfocus-dev

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