HTML5 Demos

A collection of demos showing the latest HTML technologies in action.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is used in the creation of web pages and other types of documents viewable in a browser. HTML is an international standard whose specifications are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium. Although the HTML5 specification still technically under development, it's considered a "living standard," and is essentially an always-current version of the HTML specification.

Documentation about HTML

Introduction to HTML
The page provides basic information on syntax and semantics of an HTML page (document). This will provide basic information required to develop HTML documents
HTML element reference
Get details about each element supported by different browsers.
HTML attributes list
See all attributes and what elements they are associated with.
Learn about the new HTML5 APIs and elements along with their support.
Bad copy-pasting habits
Web technologies are very often learned by viewing sources of other pages and copy-pasting. However, this often means that bad habits perpetuate.
Drawing Graphics with Canvas
A new HTML element for programmable graphics. <canvas> can be used for rendering graphs, UI elements, and other custom graphics on the client.
Tips for Authoring Fast-loading HTML Pages
An optimized web page not only provides for a more responsive site for your visitors, but also reduces the load on your web servers and internet connection.

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Getting help from the community

You need help on a HTML-related problem and can't find the solution in the documentation?

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Tools easing HTML development

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