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CSSOMString is used to denote string data in CSSOM specifications and can refer to either DOMString or USVString. When a specification says CSSOMString, it depends on the browser vendors to choose whether to use DOMString or USVString. While browser implementations that use UTF-8 internally to represent strings in memory can use USVString when the specification says CSSOMString, implementations that already represent strings as 16-bit sequences might choose to use DOMString instead.

Implementation differences

Browser DOMString or USVString for CSSOMString
Firefox (Gecko) USVString
Chrome (Blink) USVString
Safari (WebKit) USVString
Edge (EdgeHTML) -
Opera (Blink) USVString


Specification Status Comment
CSS Object Model (CSSOM)
The definition of 'CSSOMString' in that specification.
Working Draft Initial definition.

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