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    Returns the Element that is the root element of the document (for example, the <html> element for HTML documents).


    var element = document.documentElement;


    var rootElement = document.documentElement;
    var firstTier = rootElement.childNodes;
    // firstTier is the NodeList of the direct children of the root element
    for (var i = 0; i < firstTier.length; i++) {
       // do something with each direct kid of the root element
       // as firstTier[i]


    This property is a read-only convenience for getting the root element associated with any document.

    HTML documents typically contain a single child node, <html>, perhaps with a DOCTYPE declaration before it. XML documents often contain multiple child nodes: the root element, the DOCTYPE declaration, and processing instructions.

    That's why you should use document.documentElement rather than document.firstChild to get the root element.


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