GPUDevice: features property

Experimental: This is an experimental technology
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Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The features read-only property of the GPUDevice interface returns a GPUSupportedFeatures object that describes additional functionality supported by the device. Only features requested during the creation of the device (i.e. when GPUAdapter.requestDevice() is called) are included.

Note: Not all features will be available to WebGPU in all browsers that support it, even if the features are supported by the underlying hardware. See GPUAdapter.features for more details.


A GPUSupportedFeatures object instance. This is a setlike object.


In the following code we check whether a GPUAdapter has the texture-compression-astc feature available. If so, we push it into the array of requiredFeatures, and request a device with that feature requirement using GPUAdapter.requestDevice().

We then log all items in the GPUDevice.features set to the console. This set should only contain a single item — texture-compression-astc — as that was the only feature requested when the device was created.

async function init() {
  if (!navigator.gpu) {
    throw Error("WebGPU not supported.");

  const adapter = await navigator.gpu.requestAdapter();
  if (!adapter) {
    throw Error("Couldn't request WebGPU adapter.");

  const requiredFeatures = [];

  if (adapter.features.has("texture-compression-astc")) {

  const device = await adapter.requestDevice({

  device.features.forEach((value) => {

  // ...


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