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The GPUSupportedLimits interface of the WebGPU API describes the limits supported by a GPUAdapter.

The GPUSupportedLimits object for the current adapter is accessed via the GPUAdapter.limits property.

You should note that, rather than reporting the exact limits of each GPU, browsers will likely report different tier values of different limits to reduce the unique information available to drive-by fingerprinting. For example, the tiers of a certain limit might be 2048, 8192, and 32768. If your GPU's actual limit is 16384, the browser will still report 8192.

Given that different browsers will handle this differently and the tier values may change over time, it is hard to provide an accurate account of what limit values to expect — thorough testing is advised.

Instance properties

The following limits are represented by properties in a GPUSupportedLimits object. See the Limits section of the specification for detailed descriptions of what the limits relate to.

Limit name Default value
maxTextureDimension1D 8192
maxTextureDimension2D 8192
maxTextureDimension3D 2048
maxTextureArrayLayers 256
maxBindGroups 4
maxBindingsPerBindGroup 640
maxDynamicUniformBuffersPerPipelineLayout 8
maxDynamicStorageBuffersPerPipelineLayout 4
maxSampledTexturesPerShaderStage 16
maxSamplersPerShaderStage 16
maxStorageBuffersPerShaderStage 8
maxStorageTexturesPerShaderStage 4
maxUniformBuffersPerShaderStage 12
maxUniformBufferBindingSize 65536 bytes
maxStorageBufferBindingSize 134217728 bytes (128 MB)
minUniformBufferOffsetAlignment 256 bytes
minStorageBufferOffsetAlignment 256 bytes
maxVertexBuffers 8
maxBufferSize 268435456 bytes (256 MB)
maxVertexAttributes 16
maxVertexBufferArrayStride 2048 bytes
maxInterStageShaderComponents 60
maxInterStageShaderVariables 16
maxColorAttachments 8
maxColorAttachmentBytesPerSample 32
maxComputeWorkgroupStorageSize 16384 bytes
maxComputeInvocationsPerWorkgroup 256
maxComputeWorkgroupSizeX 256
maxComputeWorkgroupSizeY 256
maxComputeWorkgroupSizeZ 64
maxComputeWorkgroupsPerDimension 65535


In the following code we query the GPUAdapter.limits value of maxBindGroups to see if it is equal to or greater than 6. Our theoretical example app ideally needs 6 bind groups, so if the returned value is >= 6, we add a maximum limit of 6 to the requiredLimits object. We then request a device with that limit requirement using GPUAdapter.requestDevice():

async function init() {
  if (!navigator.gpu) {
    throw Error("WebGPU not supported.");

  const adapter = await navigator.gpu.requestAdapter();
  if (!adapter) {
    throw Error("Couldn't request WebGPU adapter.");

  const requiredLimits = {};

  // App ideally needs 6 bind groups, so we'll try to request what the app needs
  if (adapter.limits.maxBindGroups >= 6) {
    requiredLimits.maxBindGroups = 6;

  const device = await adapter.requestDevice({

  // ...


# gpusupportedlimits

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