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The GPUCompilationInfo interface of the WebGPU API represents an array of GPUCompilationMessage objects generated by the GPU shader module compiler to help diagnose problems with shader code.

GPUCompilationInfo is accessed via GPUShaderModule.getCompilationInfo().

Instance properties

messages Experimental Read only

An array of GPUCompilationMessage objects, each one containing the details of an individual shader compilation message. Messages can be informational, warnings, or errors.


In the example below, we have deliberately left a parenthesis out of a function declaration in our shader code:

const shaders = `
struct VertexOut {
  @builtin(position) position : vec4f,
  @location(0) color : vec4f

fn vertex_main(@location(0) position: vec4f,
               @location(1) color: vec4f -> VertexOut
  var output : VertexOut;
  output.position = position;
  output.color = color;
  return output;

fn fragment_main(fragData: VertexOut) -> @location(0) vec4f
  return fragData.color;

When we compile the shader module, we use getCompilationInfo() to grab some information about the resulting error:

async function init() {
  // ...

  const shaderModule = device.createShaderModule({
    code: shaders,

  const shaderInfo = await shaderModule.getCompilationInfo();
  const firstMessage = shaderInfo.messages[0];

  console.log(firstMessage.lineNum); // 9
  console.log(firstMessage.message); // "expected ')' for function declaration"
  console.log(firstMessage.type); // "error"
  // ...


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