GPUDevice: importExternalTexture() method

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Secure context: This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The importExternalTexture() method of the GPUDevice interface takes an HTMLVideoElement or a VideoFrame object as an input and returns a GPUExternalTexture wrapper object containing a snapshot of the video that can be used as a frame in GPU rendering operations.





An object containing the following properties:

colorSpace Optional

An enumerated value specifying the color space to use for the video frame. Possible values are "srgb" and "display-p3". If omitted, colorSpace defaults to "srgb".

label Optional

A string providing a label that can be used to identify the object, for example in GPUError messages or console warnings.


The HTMLVideoElement or VideoFrame source of the video snapshot.

Return value

A GPUExternalTexture object instance.

Note that the moment when the GPUExternalTexture object expires (is destroyed) depends on what its source is:


The following criteria must be met when calling importExternalTexture(), otherwise a GPUValidationError is generated and an invalid GPUExternalTexture object is returned:

  • The video snapshot is usable (e.g. the video source is loaded properly, and doesn't have a width or height of 0).


SecurityError DOMException

Thrown if the video source data is cross-origin.


In the WebGPU samples Video Uploading sample, an importExternalTexture() call is used as the value of a bind group entry resource, specified when creating a GPUBindGroup via a GPUDevice.createBindGroup() call:


const uniformBindGroup = device.createBindGroup({
  layout: pipeline.getBindGroupLayout(0),
  entries: [
      binding: 1,
      resource: sampler,
      binding: 2,
      resource: device.importExternalTexture({
        source: video,



# dom-gpudevice-importexternaltexture

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