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The GPUSampler interface of the WebGPU API represents an object that can control how shaders transform and filter texture resource data.

A GPUSampler object instance is created using the GPUDevice.createSampler() method.

Instance properties

label Experimental

A string providing a label that can be used to identify the object, for example in GPUError messages or console warnings.


The following snippet creates a GPUSampler that does trilinear filtering and repeats texture coordinates:

// ...
const sampler = device.createSampler({
  addressModeU: "repeat",
  addressModeV: "repeat",
  magFilter: "linear",
  minFilter: "linear",
  mipmapFilter: "linear",

The WebGPU samples Shadow Mapping sample uses comparison samplers to sample from a depth texture to render shadows.


# gpusampler

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