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The GPUDeviceLostInfo interface of the WebGPU API represents the object returned when the GPUDevice.lost Promise resolves. This provides information as to why a device has been lost.

See the GPUDevice.lost page for more information about "lost" state.

Instance properties

message Experimental Read only

A string providing a human-readable message that explains why the device was lost.

reason Experimental Read only

An enumerated value that defines the reason the device was lost in a machine-readable way.


async function init() {
  if (!navigator.gpu) {
    throw Error("WebGPU not supported.");
  const adapter = await navigator.gpu.requestAdapter();
  if (!adapter) {
    throw Error("Couldn't request WebGPU adapter.");

  // Create a GPUDevice
  let device = await adapter.requestDevice(descriptor);

  // Use lost to handle lost devices
  device.lost.then((info) => {
    console.error(`WebGPU device was lost: ${info.message}`);
    device = null;
    if (info.reason !== "destroyed") {
  // ...


# gpudevicelostinfo

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