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The GPUInternalError interface of the WebGPU API describes an application error indicating that an operation did not pass the WebGPU API's validation constraints.

It represents one of the types of errors surfaced by GPUDevice.popErrorScope and the uncapturederror event.

Internal errors occur when something happens in the WebGPU implementation that wasn't caught by validation and wasn't clearly identifiable as an out-of-memory error. It generally means that an operation your code performed hit a system limit in a way that was difficult to express with WebGPU's supported limits. The same operation might succeed on a different device. These can only be raised by pipeline creation, usually if the shader is too complex for the device.

GPUError GPUInternalError


GPUInternalError() Experimental

Creates a new GPUInternalError object instance.

Instance properties

The message property is inherited from its parent, GPUError:

message Experimental Read only Secure context

A string providing a human-readable message that explains why the error occurred.


The following example uses an error scope to capture a suspected validation error, logging it to the console.


const module = device.createShaderModule({
  code: shader, // REALLY complex shader

device.popErrorScope().then((error) => {
  if (error) {
    // error is a GPUInternalError object instance
    module = null;
    console.error(`An error occurred while creating shader: ${error.message}`);


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