Modifies the enabled state of rules in a static ruleset. The number of rules that can be disabled in a ruleset is limited to the value of MAX_NUMBER_OF_DISABLED_STATIC_RULES.

Rules can be enabled and disabled while the ruleset containing them is disabled. Any changes become effective when the ruleset is enabled.


let updatedStaticRules = browser.declarativeNetRequest.updateStaticRules(
    options                // object



An object specifying a static ruleset and the rules to enable or disable in that ruleset.

rulesetId rulesetId

string The ID of the static ruleset to modify.

disableRuleIds Optional

An array of number. IDs of the rules to disable. Any invalid IDs are ignored.

enableRuleIds Optional

An array of number. IDs of the rules to enable. Any invalid IDs are ignored.

Return value

A Promise If the request is successful, the promise is fulfilled without arguments. If the request fails, the promise is rejected with an error message.

Browser compatibility

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