Type Object
Mandatory No
Manifest version 2 or higher
"externally_connectable": {
  "ids": [
  "matches": [

Externally connectable controls which other extensions and web pages can communicate with an extension using runtime.connect() and runtime.sendMessage() message passing. If externally_connectable is not specified, all extensions can communicate with each other but not with web pages.

Note: For communication with web pages:

"ids" attribute

ids enables communication between this extension and other installed extensions specified by extension identifiers. Use the pattern "*" to communicate with all extensions.

"matches" attribute

matches is a list of regular expressions that enables communication between an extension and the web pages that match the expression.

Note: If externally_connectable is not specified, communication among extensions is allowed as if externally_connectable specified {"ids": ["*"] }. Therefore, if you specify externally_connectable.matches, don't forget to add ids if you want to communicate with other extensions.

Browser compatibility

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