The WebExtensions bookmarks API lets an extension interact with and manipulate the browser's bookmarking system. You can use it to bookmark pages, retrieve existing bookmarks, and edit, remove, and organize bookmarks.

To use this API, an extension must request the "bookmarks" permission in its manifest.json file.


Represents a bookmark or folder in the bookmarks tree.
A String enum which describes whether a node in the tree is a bookmark, a folder, or a separator.
A String enum which specifies why a bookmark or folder is unmodifiable.
Contains information which is passed to the bookmarks.create() function when creating a new bookmark.


Creates a bookmark or folder.
Retrieves one or more BookmarkTreeNodes, given a bookmark's ID or an array of bookmark IDs.
Retrieves the children of the specified BookmarkTreeNode.
Retrieves a requested number of recently added bookmarks.
Retrieves part of the bookmarks tree, starting at the specified node.
Retrieves the entire bookmarks tree into an array of BookmarkTreeNode objects.
Moves the specified BookmarkTreeNode to a new location in the bookmark tree.
Removes a bookmark or an empty bookmark folder, given the node's ID.
Recursively removes a bookmark folder; that is, given the ID of a folder node, removes that node and all its descendants.
Searches for BookmarkTreeNodes matching a specified set of criteria.
Updates the title and/or URL of a bookmark, or the name of a bookmark folder, given the bookmark's ID.


Fired when a bookmark or folder is created.
Fired when a bookmark or folder is removed. When a folder is removed recursively, a single notification is fired for the folder, and none for its contents.
Fired when a bookmark or folder changes. Currently, only title and url changes trigger this.
Fired when a bookmark or folder is moved to a different parent folder or to a new offset within its folder.
Fired when the user has sorted the children of a folder in the browser's UI. This is not called as a result of a move().
Fired when a bookmark import session is begun. Expensive observers should ignore bookmarks.onCreated updates until bookmarks.onImportEnded is fired. Observers should still handle other notifications immediately.
Fired when a bookmark import session has finished.

Browser compatibility

ChromeEdgeFirefoxFirefox for AndroidOpera
BookmarkTreeNode Yes No45 No Yes
BookmarkTreeNodeType No No57 No No
BookmarkTreeNodeUnmodifiable Yes No45 No Yes
CreateDetails Yes No45 No Yes
create Yes1545 No Yes
get Yes No45 No Yes
getChildren Yes No45 No Yes
getRecent Yes No47 No Yes
getSubTree Yes No45 No Yes
getTree Yes1545 No Yes
move Yes1545 No Yes
onChanged Yes No52 No Yes
onChildrenReordered Yes No No No Yes
onCreated Yes No52 No Yes
onImportBegan Yes No No No Yes
onImportEnded Yes No No No Yes
onMoved Yes No52 No Yes
onRemoved Yes No52 No Yes
remove Yes1545 No Yes
removeTree Yes1547 No Yes
search Yes No47 No Yes
update Yes1545 No Yes

Example extensions


This API is based on Chromium's chrome.bookmarks API. This documentation is derived from bookmarks.json in the Chromium code.

Microsoft Edge compatibility data is supplied by Microsoft Corporation and is included here under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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