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Add-ons forum

Use the Add-ons Discourse forum to discuss all aspects of add-on development and to request help.

Mailing lists

The dev-addons mailing list was retired on December 1, 2020. You can view the dev-addons archives to see past discussions about the WebExtensions API and


Matrix is an open, lightweight protocol for decentralized, real-time communications. For information on how to join Mozilla's Matrix instance, refer to the Matrix page on MozillaWiki.

  • Add-ons (support for extensions, themes, and the WebExtensions API)
  • AMO (discussion around

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Security vulnerabilities

If you discover an add-on security vulnerability, even if the add-on is not hosted on a Mozilla site, please notify us. We will work with the developer to correct the issue. Please report security vulnerabilities confidentially in Bugzilla or by emailing

Bugs on (AMO)

If you find a problem with the site, we'd love to fix it. Please file a bug report and include as much detail as possible.