Details describing how a redirect should be performed, as the redirect property of a RuleAction. Only valid for redirect rules.

Note: A redirect action does not redirect the request, and the request continues as usual when:

  • the action does not change the request.
  • the redirect URL is invalid (e.g., the value of redirect.regexSubstitution is not a valid URL).


Values of this type are objects. They contain these properties:

extensionPath Optional

A string. The path relative to the extension directory. Should start with '/'. The initiator of the request can only follow the redirect when the resource is listed in web_accessible_resources.

regexSubstitution Optional

A string. The substitution pattern for rules that specify a regexFilter. The first match of regexFilter within the URL is replaced with this pattern. Within regexSubstitution, backslash-escaped digits (\1 to \9) are used to insert the corresponding capture groups. \0 refers to the entire matching text.

transform Optional

declarativeNetRequest.URLTransform. The URL transformations to perform.

url Optional

A string. The redirect URL. Redirects to JavaScript URLs are not allowed.

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