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Pink or blue: what color choice for her wedding evening dress

The wedding party dresses are a class of outfits that impress with their richness and variety of models they offer. However, if there is one criterion that determines the choice of evening dress for women, it is the color. It is first she who catches the eye before any interest is paid to other details. When it comes to colors, the same wealth of possibilities can be observed at marriage. However, there are two colors that have charm and are a true expression of femininity; pink and blue.

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 Suki Waterhouse in a pink wedding dress & Bradley Cooper

 Pink and blue are colors that have charm in common, although each has its own characteristics. The pink evening dress is a piece that makes the difference at first sight, because of its hue. Color symbolizing romanticism, pink brings to your style, an effect of novelty and more radiance. Attractive, it seduces the eye and commands admiration. Therefore, the pink wedding dress, therefore, represents a distinguished option, which adapts to various forms of evening dresses, to allow you to be as radiant as possible. Thus, it can be short and stand out through details and embellishments, as it can belong, low-cut, open back, or openwork. It should still be noted that these multiple options of evening wear all guarantee you a clean and elegant look.

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Jennifer Lawrence simple blue dress for wedding

 For its part, blue is one of the most popular colors for evening dresses. The wedding evening dress in blue is a refined choice, imbued with visibility and expression. It is well suited for flaunting since it sublimates your appearance by making you shine. It is characterized by the many variations in which it is available, ranging from royal blue to dark blue, not to mention pale blue. This same diversity applies to the shapes of the wedding party dress which can also be short and sexy, long and tight, decorated with rhinestones, sequins, or other embellishments according to preference. The blue evening dress ensures you a perfect and elegant outfit, with a sensual or luxurious tone depending on the model.

 Pink V-neck dress & blue vintage wedding party dress

 So, pink or blue? Opinions will certainly differ, although in either case, you will have sported an authentic and sumptuous outfit. On, the midnight blue princess evening dress with V-neck back and guipure lace applied and the sexy pink dress with a plunging neckline are able to guide your choice.

The gray evening dress: as remarkable as it is unnoticed

A good time, a good atmosphere, and what could be better than being well undermined. For the occasion, we want to be on our 31. So the fateful question of what to wear begins to trot in the head. As soon as you decide on a gray evening dress, there are still several questions. What model, what cut, what material, what accessories and adornments, and above all that color of the dress to wear. What if we decided on a gray dress? Bland, who told you such nonsense! Did you not know that the trend is gray? Highlighted properly, it eclipses all other colors. 

A mixture of black and white, it is an interesting alternative for lovers of black & white. Know that with your gray dress, you will be of the sexiest refinement. Gray is suitable for all women regardless of their skin color. It is a neutral color to which we give the desired shine. There are several shades of it from the lightest to the darkest. So you have the possibility to choose your evening dress for weddings ranging from pearl gray to metallic gray. The materials in which it is found are numerous, each bringing its own touch to color. If you choose a maxi dress in silky satin or silk, the shine effect is more than guaranteed, especially since the gray hangs well in the light. Rather a dress in chiffon, lace, here implies a play of transparency of majestic softness.

Chic gray fluid dress Kate Middleton asymmetric style

The gray wedding dress is not just wintery, as we often think. Although so much whiteness contrasts very well with it, it goes well in all seasons, well in both hot and cool weather. To go to a party during the spring-summer, you could opt for a short gray dress in silk or satin strapless or with straps. Sheath or ballerina according to the desire of each one. A great choice for a slim person. If you want to go lengthwise, a clean fabric such as lace, tulle, or muslin, for an empire, mermaid, or duchess cut. Fall-winter, we will focus on volume, why not a gray velvet dress, mermaid cut, or a satin dress with a sumptuous drape with long sleeves and a play of transparency.

In terms of accessories, you should know that gray is very suitable for other colors but should not be overshadowed. If your dress is not already adorned with rhinestones, beading, sequins, and more, then adornments that add sparkle would be welcome. Clutch and shoe will probably match, black, white, or why not a total gray look.

Gray evening dresses the short strapless A-line heart-shaped evening dress adorned with strapless rhinestones or the pleated & appliquéd evening dress with illusion collar; yes muslin, vaporous materials are in vogue. Greek goddess or princess, that's what these two models inspire. Both in the same style, yet the first a dark ash gray and the second a very light gray. The difference is also at the level of the asymmetrically decorated bustier for the second and stepped for the first. On the online store of, you can customize them.