The MDN Web Docs project

MDN Web Docs is free-to-use resource on which we document the open web platform. Our mission is to provide developers with the information they need to easily build projects on the web platform.

This is the landing page for the MDN project itself. Here you'll find guides on how the site works, how we do our documentation, what guidelines and conventions we adhere to, and how you can help.

And we invite anyone to help! If you are interested in improving this essential web developer resource, you are welcome to add and edit content. You don't need to be a programmer or know a lot about technology; there are many different tasks that need to be performed, from the simple (proof-reading and correcting typos) to the complex (writing API documentation).

To find out how to help, visit our Contributing to MDN page. If you want to talk to us and ask questions, join the discussion on the MDN Web Docs chat room on Matrix.

Community Guidelines

👋 Welcome to MDN Web Docs on GitHub! MDN Web Docs is an open-source, collaborative project that documents web platform technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web APIs. We also provide extensive learning resources for early-stage developers and students.

Contributing to MDN

MDN Web Docs needs your help! We have a large number of typos to fix, examples to write, bugs to fix, people to talk to, and more, and the number is growing as more people start using the site. This page outlines what you can do to help.

MDN at 10

Celebrate 10 years of documenting your Web.

MDN Product Advisory Board

MDN Web Docs is a trusted source of technical documentation for web developers, built on an open-source web development documentation platform based on wiki technology, which allows virtually anyone to write and edit content.

MDN tools

MDN offers a number of features that make it easier to track progress, manage content, and keep up with the latest changes to the site.

The MDN Content Kitchensink

The kitchensink is a page that attempts to incorporate every possible content element and Yari macro.

Writing guidelines

MDN Web Docs is an open-source project. The sections outlined below describe our guidelines for what we document and how we do it on MDN Web Docs. To learn about how to contribute, see our contribution guidelines.

Yari: MDN's rendering platform

Yari is the code that renders MDN Web Docs. It takes a JAMStack approach, which involves taking the MDN content stored as flat source files in a GitHub repo (which include front matter and macro calls), rendering them out to static HTML files, and serving those as quickly and efficiently as possible.