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Looking for ways you can help make MDN better ? There are lots of ways to help: from fixing typos to writing new content, or even helping to develop the Kuma platform on which the web site is built. The MDN contributor guide covers all the various ways you can help and how to do them. Below, you'll find more specific lists of tasks that need to be done.

There's a lot you can do to help on MDN. We have a guide to tasks you can accomplish as part of our article Getting started on MDN. Among those possible ways to help:

For more ideas about things you can do to help with MDN, see our How-to guides. You can find categorized lists of pages that are in need of your help in our Documentation status section.

Additionally, you can see a list of the major projects that are in the pipeline by looking at the MDN team's Trello board. This read-only board will let you see what's being worked on by the MDN staff writers, as well as projects that are up for consideration as potential "next" projects. You're welcome to dive in and help with those, too! This article contains everything needed to understand how this board is used.

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