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The HTMLMediaElement.defaultMuted property reflects the muted HTML attribute, which indicates whether the media element's audio output should be muted by default. This property has no dynamic effect. To mute and unmute the audio output, use the muted property.


var dMuted = video.defaultMuted;
audio.defaultMuted = true;


A Boolean. A value of true means that the audio output will be muted by default.


var videoEle = document.createElement('video');
videoEle.defaultMuted = true;
console.log(videoEle.outerHTML); // <video muted=""></video>


Specification Status Comment
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'HTMLMediaElement.defaultMuted' in that specification.
Living Standard No change from HTML5
The definition of 'HTMLMediaElement.defaultMuted' in that specification.
Recommendation Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

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Feature Chrome Edge Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
defaultMuted property (Yes) (Yes) 11.0 (11.0) ? ? ?
Feature Android Edge Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
defaultMuted property (Yes) (Yes) 11.0 (11.0) (Yes) ? ? ?

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