The HTMLTableCellElement interface provides special properties and methods (beyond the regular HTMLElement interface it also has available to it by inheritance) for manipulating the layout and presentation of table cells, either header cells (<th>) or data cells (<td>), in an HTML document.

EventTarget Node Element HTMLElement HTMLTableCellElement

Instance properties

Inherits properties from its parent, HTMLElement.


A string that can be used on <th> elements (not on <td>), specifying an alternative label for the header cell. This alternate label can be used in other contexts, such as when describing the headers that apply to a data cell. This is used to offer a shorter term for use by screen readers in particular; and is a valuable accessibility tool. Usually, the value of abbr is an abbreviation or acronym, but can be any text that's appropriate contextually.

HTMLTableCellElement.cellIndex Read only

A number representing the cell's position in the cells collection of the <tr> the cell is contained within. If the cell doesn't belong to a <tr>, it returns -1.


A positive number indicating the number of columns this cell must span; this lets the cell occupy space across multiple columns of the table. It reflects the colspan attribute.

HTMLTableCellElement.headers Read only

A DOMTokenList describing a list of id of <th> elements that represent headers associated with the cell. It reflects the headers attribute.


A positive number indicating the number of rows this cell must span; this lets a cell occupy space across multiple rows of the table. It reflects the rowspan attribute.


A string indicating the scope of a <th> cell. Possible values for scope are: col, colgroup, row, rowgroup, or the empty string ("").

Instance methods

No specific method; inherits methods from its parent, HTMLElement.

Deprecated properties

Warning: These properties have been deprecated and should no longer be used. They are documented primarily to help understand older code bases.

HTMLTableCellElement.align Deprecated

A string containing the value of the align attribute, if present, or empty string if not set. It can be used to set the alignment of the element's contents to the surrounding context of "left", "right", and "center". Use the CSS text-align property instead.

HTMLTableCellElement.axis Deprecated

A string containing a name grouping cells in virtual. It reflects the obsolete axis attribute.

HTMLTableCellElement.bgColor Deprecated

A string containing the background color of the cells. It reflects the obsolete bgColor attribute. Deprecated

A string containing one single character. This character is the one to align all the cells of a column on. It reflects the char and defaults to the decimal points associated with the language, e.g. '.' for English, or ',' for French. This property was optional and was not very well supported.

HTMLTableCellElement.chOff Deprecated

A string containing an integer indicating how many characters must be left at the right (for left-to-right scripts; or at the left for right-to-left scripts) of the character defined by This property was optional and was not very well supported.

HTMLTableCellElement.height Deprecated

A string containing a length of pixel of the hinted height of the cell. It reflects the obsolete height attribute.

HTMLTableCellElement.noWrap Deprecated

A boolean value reflecting the nowrap attribute and indicating if cell content can be broken into several lines.

HTMLTableCellElement.vAlign Deprecated

A string representing an enumerated value indicating how the content of the cell must be vertically aligned. It reflects the valign attribute and can have one of the following values: "top", "middle", "bottom", or "baseline". Use the CSS vertical-align property instead.

HTMLTableCellElement.width Deprecated

A string specifying the number of pixels wide the cell should be drawn, if possible. This property reflects the also obsolete width attribute. Use the CSS width property instead.


HTML Standard
# htmltablecellelement

Browser compatibility

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See also

  • The HTML elements implementing this interface: <th> and <td>.