The HTMLLinkElement interface represents reference information for external resources and the relationship of those resources to a document and vice-versa (corresponds to <link> element; not to be confused with <a>, which is represented by HTMLAnchorElement). This object inherits all of the properties and methods of the HTMLElement interface.


Inherits properties from its parent, HTMLElement.

Is a DOMString representing the type of content being loaded by the HTML link.


Is a DOMString that corresponds to the CORS setting for this link element. See CORS settings attributes for details.


Is a Boolean which represents whether the link is disabled; currently only used with style sheet links.


Is a DOMString representing the URI for the target resource.


Is a DOMString representing the language code for the linked resource.

Is a DOMString representing a list of one or more media formats to which the resource applies.


Is a DOMString that reflects the referrerpolicy HTML attribute indicating which referrer to use.


Is a DOMString representing the forward relationship of the linked resource from the document to the resource.

HTMLLinkElement.relList Read only

Is a DOMTokenList that reflects the rel HTML attribute, as a list of tokens.

HTMLLinkElement.sizes Read only

Is a DOMSettableTokenList that reflects the sizes HTML attribute, as a list of tokens.

HTMLLinkElement.sheet Read only

Returns the StyleSheet object associated with the given element, or null if there is none.


Is a DOMString representing the MIME type of the linked resource.

Obsolete properties


Is a DOMString representing the character encoding for the target resource.


Is a DOMString representing the reverse relationship of the linked resource from the resource to the document.

Note: Currently the W3C HTML 5.2 spec states that rev is no longer obsolete, whereas the WHATWG living standard still has it labeled obsolete. Until this discrepancy is resolved, you should still assume it is obsolete.

Is a DOMString representing the name of the target frame to which the resource applies.


No specific method; inherits methods from its parent, HTMLElement.


HTML Standard (HTML)
# htmllinkelement

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See also

  • The HTML element implementing this interface: <link>.